Disneyland Paris| Halloween

This year I had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween a bit earlier than usual but also in a place with a lot of magic.

 photo IMG_3303_zpsnwjmqkoz.jpg

Everyone takes Halloween quite serious at Disneyland, by the way they decorate the park, they go into their characters, and even the way they celebrate it.

 photo IMG_3363_zpsoaccxdqy.jpg

 photo IMG_3305_zpsfpyni8jg.jpg

We started by watching the Halloween parade along Main Street, U.S.A with Disney characters, which was quite funny and even thought the three of us are grown ups, my little sister is already 17, we will always enjoy seeing Mickey, Minnie and all of the other characters. It’s just that part of your childhood that you don’t want to let go and that’s okay.

After a lot of singing, photos and passing by the Royal Castle Stage and encountering Captain Hook, Jafar and the Snow White Queen, and a few steps away meeting Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil herself, it was time to go for some horror attractions!

Phantom Manor

Very creepy from outside, even more creepy inside. We explored the haunted Phantom Manor to unravel the mystery of Melanie’s missing groom, no idea who that one is but seem like fun to me!

All I know is that we got inside that house with plenty of other people, they told us to go to a room, that room was actually a lift that took us somewhere really dark and it was amazing!

 photo IMG_5486_zpsmbva28iu.jpg

 photo dsc063681_zpsbqqsf0mf.jpg

 photo dsc032771_zpsmgz0hh4l.jpg

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Five people checked in at the glamorous Hollywood Tower Hotel, never to be seen again! Many years later, the hotel re-opens its doors for everyone to ride the haunted service elevators.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is an enclosed “drop-tower-style” attraction.

The building stands approximately 55 meters (180 feet) tall. And I let the photos speak for themselves.

 photo dsc03167_zps5v5naq3l.jpg

 photo dsc01308_zpsk4oxxgq5.jpg

 photo dsc01005_zps3u64gcnw.jpg

 photo dsc01054_zpsr3xjvcfb.jpg

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