Disneyland Paris| The Attractions

I decided to create a post listing all the attractions I had the opportunity to visit at Disneyland Paris, so I could share my experience. Some of the photographs are from Photosmagiques and not mine, I’m sure that you understand that keeping my camera and iPhone safe is quite a priority for me and I kept them away from all the roller coasters.

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril

This one was on my boyfriend’s list since day one but the queue is always gigantic so we decided to go during magic hours (You get to enter the park a few hours before it opens if you’re staying at one the hotels inside the resort).

This roller coaster is all about following Indiana Jones’ footsteps through the lush jungles surrounding the mysterious Temple of Peril, which means a lot of sudden drops and an inversion.

Apparently a few years ago, the vehicles of this roller coaster were turned around for a “backwards” experience, but this only lasted 4 years., so I didn’t get to see that!

 photo dsc049611_zpsb19k3z7a.jpg

 photo dsc096231_zpszqnv5n0u.jpg

 photo dsc096161_zpsdhcbegxj.jpg

 photo dsc096181_zpsa6cm9xhw.jpg

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Space Mountain opened in 1995 as Space Mountain: de la Terre à la Lune. It retold the story of Jules Verne’s famous book From Earth to the Moon. At the time, it was a unique attraction with special lighting effects and for the first time ever, on-board music. In 2005, the management decided to close down the attraction and replace the story, update all special effects with brand new and unique projections and an all new soundtrack.

Instead of travelling to the moon, we now get to go further into space and encounter galaxies, comets, asteroids and highlight of the trip, an exploding supernova. Quite crazy and my neck wasn’t very happy about it!

 photo dsc086501_zpsgermzgby.jpg

 photo dsc071171_zpszhchjbtz.jpg

 photo dsc09072_zpstudcsh16.jpg

 photo dsc01538_zpsk6wmwhff.jpg

Peter Pan’s Flight

This one was definitely our favorite. Probably because we really felt that we were inside the movie. You get to fly in a suspended pirate ship over the roof tops of London, straight to Never Land. It’s quite of a dark ride but you get to live every single moment of Peter Pan’s story.

 photo dsc034291_zpsk1ujxpkg.jpg

 photo dsc034171_zpsynr9opjz.jpg

 photo dsc006621_zpsivkn06g1.jpg

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

During this ride you need to join forces with Buzz Lightyear and find the evil Emperor Zurg so you can blast him into space and save all the toys. You get to use special laser blasters to the targets in dark ride scenes. Everything inspired by the universe of Pixar’s Toy Story 2. You can see your own score displayed on your vehicle.

 photo dsc061041_zpsrol3u5qz.jpg

 photo dsc036461_zpszfl4co5n.jpg

 photo dsc082751_zpsuo1400up.jpg

Le Pays des Contes de Fées

This was a very relaxing boat ride along the canals and among miniature scenes based on Disney fairy tales, such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc.

 photo dsc033511_zpsmyxax9nf.jpg

 photo dsc033901_zpss44lbzul.jpg

 photo dsc069001_zpsmkdwbsro.jpg

 photo dsc033441_zpslpaxemna.jpg

Pirates of the Caribbean

This attraction consists in a slow-moving boat ride with 2 “gentle” drops while you visit the Pirates of the Caribbean scenes. It’s very dark but extremely interesting and you just feel like going back!

 photo dsc063161_zps1eppsfqb.jpg

 photo dsc0506411_zpsnzqjrayw.jpg

 photo dsc073791_zpsatlx49cm.jpg

 photo dsc085491_zps6l7drrw5.jpg

 photo dsc085651_zpsasyc8lk3.jpg

 photo dsc050691_zpsvdrmdkxp.jpg

There are two more attractions left coming tomorrow on the blog because they are Halloween related and I want to write a post about the Halloween’s celebrations at the Park!

For more restaurants, hotels’ recommendations or any tips e-mail me at travelwithgoldleash@gmail.com and get your digital guide for Disneyland Paris.


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