Disneyland Paris| Annette's Diner

Finding a not crowded restaurant inside Disneyland is not an easy task. Especially when the majority don’t accept reservations.

 photo IMG_5587_zps7y5pjqhz.jpg

 photo IMG_5555_zpswwtse0fa.jpg

 photo IMG_5585_zpsvesdyxe9.jpg

While planning this trip I read about Annette’s Diner. I even chose in advance what I wanted to order. A burger and a milkshake!

 photo IMG_5581_zps2zc9conh.jpg

 photo IMG_5586_zpsz93rmrky.jpg

And we had it all planned! We were going to have dinner at Annette’s on our first night at the resort before the firework started. Well that didn’t happen. The restaurant was over crowded and there was an extremely long queue outside just for people waiting to have diner.

 photo IMG_5560_zpsfteabexn.jpg

 photo IMG_5557_zpsxyupleck.jpg

There was no way we were going to miss the firework so we had to come back the following day for lunch. And it was completely different. No queue, we’ve got a table straight away and my milkshake came straight from heaven.

 photo IMG_5580_zpsn9uo2xre.jpg

 photo IMG_5573_zpskq3hbjke.jpg

I have to say that I found the service really slow, even though servers are supposed to “glide around on skates delivering classic American dishes”.

But once you are at Disneyland you don’t get to complain!

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