Disneyland Paris|Aladdin

We had the opportunity to meet Aladdin, Jasmine and the genie from the bottle. I also felt an urgent need to decorate my house just like theirs but that’s a topic for another day!

 photo IMG_5555_zpskne0vr5n.jpg

 photo IMG_5557_zps4jxggmbn.jpg

 photo IMG_5573_zpsmqn73awr.jpg

One of the most beautiful areas inside Disneyland Park is called Adventureland , where you can find amongst others (Pirates of the Caribbean), Aladdin’s house that tells you his story in a very magical way.

 photo IMG_5560_zps2wdbhbz8.jpg

 photo IMG_5581_zpsnhvpl6yc.jpg

You get inside winding stone passageways of Agrabah. It’s called ‘le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin’ and you can visit it at your own pace, as you wander past magical sets recreating famous scenes from the film.

 photo IMG_5586_zpsrd1f5lft.jpg

 photo IMG_5580_zpsoa1nlbtr.jpg

 photo IMG_5587_zpsoxb00ifb.jpg

For more restaurants, hotels’ recommendations or any tips e-mail me at travelwithgoldleash@gmail.com and get your digital guide for Disneyland Paris.

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