Disneyland Paris| The Park

Here comes one of my first Disneyland posts that will make you want to visit the park for the first time or even go back!

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I spent a very magical weekend at Disneyland resort with my little sister and my boyfriend. It was our first time at the parks and we enjoyed every minute of it. Our feet not that much.

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 photo IMG_3302_zpsxwyfhpzy.jpg

 photo IMG_5392_zps5csv2h5v.jpg

Instead of flying we took the Eurostar train from London that goes directly into the Disney resort. Newport Bay was our hotel for the weekend and I would loved to have spent more time there but there were so many things to do and see at the parks!

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These next days you will be able to read the following posts:

For more restaurants, hotels’ recommendations or any tips e-mail me at travelwithgoldleash@gmail.com and get your digital guide for Disneyland Paris.

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