Breast Cancer Awareness| Wear it Pink

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and Tiger On a Gold Leash got together with the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, Wear it Pink for an entire week of fundraising money for the world-class breast cancer researchers across the UK and Ireland that are working to discover how to prevent breast cancer, how to detect it earlier and how to treat it effectively at every stage so we can stop the disease taking lives.

vOLUME oNE.png

How can I take part of it?

  • You can add your supporting photos on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #wearitpink and in that way you’ll help spread the word.
  • You can donate as much as you want by clicking here.
  • You can follow Tiger On a Gold Leash’s Instagram or Facebook where I’ll be sharing more information about Breast Cancer and tips on how to detect it at an early stage, what to do and what to avoid in order to prevent it.


Feel free to contact me directly and privately on if you have any questions!


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