Rooftop session| Nimagens

Photography| Nimagens

A very pleasant afternoon at one of the most beautiful rooftops in Lisbon with a stunning view of the river and the city. This was the background from my latest photoshoot with Nimagens. Don’t forget to follow her work here.

 photo TGL_4940_web_zpsenkoauir.jpg

 photo TGL_4977_web_zpsfx95qswx.jpg

 photo TGL_4981_web_zps5nu1aqqb.jpg

 photo TGL_5069_web 1_zpsjzo6zuev.jpg

 photo TGL_5031_web 1_zpsblcvorzg.jpg

 photo TGL_5021_web_zpszhq0jqaj.jpg

 photo TGL_5053_web_zpsijrzpsfi.jpg

 photo TGL_5045_web_zpsh2mcj6ei.jpg

 photo TGL_5083_web_zpsvurnejvu.jpg

Dress| Pretty Little Thing


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