My SheIn wishlist| Gym clothing

It’s the end of my summer holidays and time to go back to gym. These are always the hardest days. I feel so lazy to even get out of bed and I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this phase right now, so here goes a tip to make it a bit better.

Buying new clothes it’s always a great therapy but it’s also important to renew your gym wardrobe once in a while. This is my wishlist from SheIn. You can visit their website for more and if there’s anything you want from this list just click on the links on the right side of the images.

 photo 1464593048825853555_zpsg2nex9pr.jpg


I find these Purple Hollow Tie Skinny Leggings very comfy for my Yoga and Pilates classes. These are not see through which is great!  Get them here.





 photo 1468634246414516066_zps7q2pp5bn.jpg

I find crop tops very suitable for any season if I’m wearing them at the gym. It gives you more flexibility for any kind of exercise and you can match it with any leggings or shorts. I like this Grey Scoop Neck Crisscross Crop Top and you can get it here.





 photo 1467077546599474906_zpsbj6no7un.jpg

Comfortable shoes are one of the most important aspects that you must take into account while exercising. The wrong ones can hurt you or even give you a bad posture. You can get these here.





 photo 1467018772829483351_zps6nzdf9zu.jpg

I need pockets in my gym shorts as much as I need my phone with me at all times, so this Grey Contrast Trim Crop T-shirt With Pocket Shorts is great to have my locker keys, earphones and of course my iPhone with me all the time. You can get them here.





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