World meet Reflexology

My mum is a reflexologist and I tend to be asked a lot what is that exactly. Some people think it’s all about giving a few foot massages and they are incredibly wrong. So I decided to write a post where I will explain what is Reflexology, why you should try it and how it can improve your life.


Why should I try it?

You should take the treatment if you suffer with arthritis, headaches and migraines, PMS, fertility issues and it even eases the stress of chemotherapy.

How does it work?

By receiving pressure on your feet, it triggers increased blood supply through the nervous system, which helps ease tension and inflammation, by sending signals through the body, releasing chemicals, such as endorphins, reducing stress and pain.

Reflexology may also eliminate toxins that are a result of adrenaline over-production, which helps against a lot of diseases. Using a Reflexology map, practitioners can see what specific part of the foot relates to different areas in your body.


What happens during a Reflexology session?

Your therapist will, firstly take a full medical history. You’ll be asked to either lie on a bed or sit in a reclining chair for your treatment. The therapist will apply medium pressure with the thumb to assess where there might be a sign of imbalance. You may feel a little sore after a session and some catch a cold due to the body releasing toxins, but most leave relaxed and calm.

Does it really work?

Yes, and you can feel some changes and effects right after you finish the first session.


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