Marcel Burger| A punch in your diet

I must start this post with an extremely honest apology for ruining your diet in the next few paragraphs.

 photo IMG_3080_zpstbfn3ftr.jpg

If you’ve been following my Instagram lately you know I started a very healthy plan, which consists in having more colors in my food, and by colors I mean especially green, and exercising more often. Which I may say, Pokemon go is helping quite a lot!

 photo IMG_3079_zpsbm1lyfm5.jpg

But if you’ve been following me for longer, you also know burgers are one of the reasons why I live. Before going to Brussels I did a little research on the best eating spots in the city and the moment I saw Marcel Burger I knew I had to eat there!

 photo IMG_3077_zpst1pzzzsh.jpg

So, of course, that was our chosen restaurant for the first day in Brussels!

The restaurant is very cozy and you have an outdoors area very welcome. The prices are quite good for such delicious burgers and the selection of Belgian beers is totally recommended.

 photo IMG_3081_zpsmohwhcw7.jpg

Now you can go punch your diet!

Take a look at their website here: Marcel Burger Bar


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