C O C O Donuts| Brussels

One of the main reasons why I travel is to try new restaurants and coffee shops. And if it’s not your case, you’re just lying.

 photo IMG_2655_zpsmzyjusnr.jpg  photo IMG_2659_zpsji00zfl6.jpg  photo IMG_2658_zps9lcsncb2.jpg

So on my last trip to Brussels I discovered C O C O Donuts, a pop-up store located at Sablon. Here you can find freshly made donuts every morning, baked with as many organic and local products as possible.

 photo IMG_2660_zpsolnqctyr.jpg

 photo IMG_2672_zpshwhpqaiw.jpg

 photo IMG_2657_zpshm1xmuwv.jpg

There are plenty of flavors to choose from, some of them I never even heard of but you should definitely try!

 photo IMG_2656_zpswe4w3ek0.jpg

You can choose to take these delicious donuts home, eat inside the store or sit on the small terrace.

 photo IMG_2654_zpsgs9smape.jpg

 photo IMG_2650_zpsogxlcenu.jpg

Take a look at their website here: C O C O Donuts


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