My Airbnb in Brussels

Here is the first of my several Brussels posts! After a few days away, enjoying the good food, the surprisingly 30 degrees weather in the capital and photographing any little tiny corner in Brussels, I’m finally back to the UK. And surprisingly or not, this post isn’t about Brexit 😉


I recently started using Airbnb to search for my accommodations while I’m travelling and I must say it is the most practical, economical way to know the city you’re staying and meet locals.


My boyfriend and I took the Eurostar train from London to Brussels, so we arrived at Brussels-Midi station and our accommodation was just 10 minutes away, which was more than great!


During my research on Airbnb I always look for something central, clean and not expensive. Oh and of course, free WiFi is a must!



Lora’s house had a private room with a double bed, a lovely balcony that was great in such sunny weather and it was only a few minutes away from the city center, so instead of taking public transports we just walked everywhere.



Overall it was a great experience that I definitely recommend to anyone visiting the city!


Click on this link for prices, availability and bookings: Lora’s House

If you haven’t created an account on Airbnb yet, here are £25 or 29 euros for you to use on your next adventure! You’re welcome my friend!  Just click on the link!


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One thought on “My Airbnb in Brussels

  1. Hi! Thank you for so many useful tips! When traveling I often book apartments with Airbnb, and recommend it to all travelers. Actually, I even created a website –, with a detailed service description and working promo codes. On my website you can find translated information about the service in all languages of the world (I found translators for lots of them and keep working on it). Please dont delete my comment, let people around the world get to know about Airbnb!


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