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Adventure is one of the best parts of going on holidays, but planning your trip before hand is essential to save time, stress and money.

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I always make sure I have a list on what to visit and where to eat and sleep and still leave room for improvisation. To help me with that I have a few golden apps that make everything so much easier.

How to get there

Forget about Easyjet, Ryanair and all those low cost companies. I want to be able to carry whatever I want in my luggage and I want to have food during my journey. If you book in advance you pay as much as you would pay for a low cost flight and that price includes a meal, extra baggage and you can even choose your seat.

And also, your family and friends won’t have to hear you complaining about your awful flight experience for several months in a row. You pay for what you get.

For flights TAP Portugal and British Airways are the companies I use the most, which allows me to save miles and use on my future journeys. These companies might differ depending on which country you’re from and to which countries you flight more frequently. Download the apps here and here.

For train journeys there is nothing better than Eurostar, which also has a plus points membership that offers you e-vouchers to redeem in the future. Download the app here.

Where to sleep

In my accommodation I always go for something central or with good public transports close by, something clean, not very expensive, but not very cheap neither.

Hotels are great, but renting a room on Airbnb allows you to save money, meet locals and try the restaurants and places in town, instead spending your holidays inside the hotel.

The app allows you to choose your preferences in terms of price, location, number of rooms, dates and plenty other characteristics. And at the end you can save your favourites on a wishlist. I have one for each country I visit. Download the app here.

If you haven’t created an account on Airbnb yet, here are £25 or 29 euros for you to use on your next adventure! You’re welcome my friend!  Just click on the link!

Where to eat

Most important part of your holidays, obviously. Visiting local restaurants, bars and cafes is one of my favourite hobbies, but making sure my photos on Instagram look great is one too, so I like to have a look at my options before travelling to a specific place.

Zomato is a great app, it allows you to see the menu, prices, photos and location before hand. But not all countries have it, so sometimes I have to use Tripadvisor. Download app here.

How to create my own guide

  1. Ask yourself where do you want to go.
  2. Go on google and find local bloggers.
  3. Make a list of what you want to visit after reading a few suggestions from those bloggers.
  4. Check those places on Instagram to see if they’re worth your time.
  5. Download the app VisitaCity where you can add all those places to a map and access it from your phone on offline mode (No way I’m paying for internet abroad).
  6. Pack your stuff and enjoy.



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