Canterbury tales

You don’t know the true meaning of an off day until you’ve spent it in bed doing literally nothing.

But because I got a few of those lately, my boyfriend and I decided to visit a new place. Canterbury, the city that everyone has been telling us about. Let’s say we got lucky, it was sunny, in the UK.

 photo IMG_2578_zpsusuqnckh.jpg

 photo IMG_2559_zpsvo5azg12.jpg

 photo IMGhb_2339_zpsx44eajom.jpg

 photo IMG_2345_zpsiyrogd8r.jpg

 photo IMG_2341_zpsv7w0dgdi.jpg

 photo IMG_2339_zpscnte5uzc.jpg

 photo IMG_2335_zps5q0lxy2o.jpg

 photo IMG_2333_zpseu0laaki.jpg

Tacos Locos

We started our Canterbury visit by having lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Don’t judge. Spicy fajitas and Ricky Martin’s songs playing on the background is the proper way to start your day.

 photo IMG_2360_zpsogpu7uor.jpg

Canterbury Punting Company

Canterbury isn’t Venice but has plenty of history behind it and there’s no better way to get to know the town than taking a boat tour along the river.

 photo IMG_2598_zps9dqvs6ji.jpg

 photo IMG_2597_zpsyubnjlv0.jpg

 photo IMG_2596_zps4os63msn.jpg

 photo IMG_hkjn2339_zpsw6ymzo2g.jpg

 photo IMG_2588_zpsavasknfb.jpg

 photo IMG_2555_zpse8omupth.jpg

 photo IMG_2390_zpsnqc8lgpr.jpg

Elsie Mo’s

After visiting a few shops and spending enough money, it was time for milkshakes. I really can’t tell you what I loved the most, if my 5 dollar Oreo milkshake or Elsie Mo’s decoration.

 photo IMG_2413_zpsm2l44nfi.jpg  photo IMG_2403_zpsbsqlgev6.jpg  photo IMG_2402_zpslaflrm5x.jpg  photo IMG_2400_zpsgnrqqemu.jpg  photo IMG_2399_zpsocjxbym3.jpg  photo IMG_2398_zpsowxanxha.jpg  photo IMG_2396_zpsphjwjkyw.jpg  photo IMG_2395_zpsyu65y7bu.jpg  photo IMG_2394_zpspu4ymqam.jpg

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