Hub Setúbal

This is not the first time that I’m writing about Setúbal on the blog. You might recognize this beautiful Portuguese city from my restaurant reviews, dolphin watching sessions and beach escapes.

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Well this time I’m here to write about a very fresh and recent project created by a a group of young entrepreneurs from Setúbal that want to make a difference on this city.

 photo Capture_zpsbd8vu66m.png

The project is named Hub and is not only a training and development center, where you have access to professional and business counseling and direct contact with employers and investors. But also a work and study space with books, newspapers, magazines and free internet access. This space will also have a cafe/bar, musical performances and cultural exhibitions.

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I believe this city has so much potential and we need more projects like these to develop and start being recognized not only in Portugal, but also outside of the country.

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