My trip to Paris on Eurostar

Going to Paris on Valentine’s day with your boyfriend might sound quite cliché! But we really wanted to go, celebrate this date and use it as the perfect excuse to escape from work. So instead of taking a flight to the french capital we took the Eurostar train, and instead of using Google maps we decided to go old school and go around town with the help of an actual map. (Click on the image below and get 15% discount on a trip to Paris)

 photo IMG_0290_zpsvm6exvjc.jpg

 photo IMG_0296_zpsibe049px.jpg

 photo IMG_0306_zpskk4ewpy5.jpg

 photo IMG_0345_zpsl0uk1t5j.jpg

 photo IMG_0529_zpsvs1kw6ij.jpg

 photo IMG_0530_zps7f9qvdjt.jpg

Let’s say that having a train to Paris departing from the town where I currently live is quite convenient. Who would’ve said Ashford was this international!

 photo IMG_0543_zpsz0roljtw.jpg

 photo IMG_0545_zpsyyyiwxow.jpg

 photo IMG_0541_zpsemppb522.jpg

 photo IMG_0355_zps3tidtc7l.jpg

 photo IMG_0351_zpsddpybusj.jpg

Eurostar has 3 different classes of service, Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier. This last one, the one we experienced, gives you the access to the Business Lounge. You also have more spacious seats on board, a quicker check-in and they serve you 3 meals during your journey. Yes, you also get to read all the latest editions of magazines you can possibly think of! Heaven.

(Click on the image below and get 15% discount on a trip to Paris)

 photo IMG_2190_zpswvmnvmx8.jpg

 photo IMG_2219_zps8ikqashr.jpg

 photo IMG_2191_zpsy8fmqhpp.jpg

Once we arrived to Paris, *surprise surprise* the weather was as bad as in the UK. But we quickly had to put that depressing though behind because we had a long walk in front of us till our next stop: Notre Dame Cathedral.

(Click on the image below and get 15% discount on a trip to Paris)

 photo IMG_2150_zpslayozwsc.jpg

 photo IMG_2147_zpsswkdajsg.jpg

 photo IMG_2148_zpseysmyt9j.jpg

One hundred photos later we made our way to the Louvre Museum and since this day, I decided to replace the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs” to “it’s raining so much that the Louvre is a few centimeters away from you and you can’t see it“.

 photo IMG_2168_zps7a0cw5dj.jpg

 photo IMG_2201_zpsbvn53ift.jpg

 photo IMG_2195_zps0hkz7yix.jpg

 photo IMG_2198_zpswjhz6wtt.jpg

When the rain finally stopped we had the opportunity to go for a walk at the Tuileries garden on our way to Champs Elysees, where the sun finally decided to show up.

 photo IMG_2181_zpshlxgetfw.jpg  photo IMG_2211_zpsgjhrtold.jpg  photo IMG_2215_zpsrfskmudf.jpg  photo IMG_2205_zpsdjionzag.jpg  photo IMG_2203_zpsy83dhdxc.jpg

Our last stop was the Eiffel Tower, of course. No need to say that 80% of my memory card is filled with photographs from this last stop.

 photo IMG_2235_zpsxay57ng6.jpg  photo IMG_0595_zpsbtjuxman.jpg  photo IMG_0590_zpsowubl68q.jpg

After six hours of walking we took the RER from the Eiffel Tower to the station Paris Gare du Nord where our train took us back to the UK. Oh and let me say, those Eurostar seats are comfy enough to sleep!

Note: New travel posts are coming soon on the blog, in the meantime enjoy a 15% discount on the selected destinations below.

 photo Capture_zpsl8ohkdjw.png



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