Next stop| Pizza Express

I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since I moved to the UK, but only yesterday, after a day of hard work, I finally had the opportunity to go with my colleagues. Definitely a great way to start the weekend.

 photo IMG_0373_zpscd9wttnt.jpg  photo IMG_0410_zpstutvmhxw.jpg  photo IMG_0395_zpslsutmcnj.jpg  photo IMG_0397_zpslqr9bpvh.jpg  photo IMG_0377_zps73phcgb5.jpg

With a very friendly and cozy atmosphere, plenty of choices when it comes to starters, main courses and even desserts.

 photo IMG_0393_zpss05m2llb.jpg  photo IMG_0389_zpsmnoqras9.jpg  photo IMG_0391_zpszfhzispm.jpg  photo IMG_0387_zpsw0gljxip.jpg

I advise you to have a “dolcetti”, which is a small portion of any dessert with any coffee or tea, instead of a normal dessert at the end, because the starters and main course will definitely leave almost no space for anything else!

 photo IMG_0383_zpsu4vjziid.jpg  photo IMG_0379_zpsomeizpwz.jpg  photo IMG_0381_zps1gqph4xs.jpg  photo IMG_0370_zpszbdjptgs.jpg  photo IMG_0371_zpsltnt05ku.jpg

Good thing it’s not far from my house because I’ll be visiting it plenty of times!

 photo IMG_0406_zpsmbuguiba.jpg  photo IMG_0404_zpsyi0ppxea.jpg  photo IMG_0400_zpsezgxizaj.jpg  photo IMG_0402_zpssz056hrf.jpg

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