Serralves Museum

The Museum of contemporary art, Serralves, is situated in Porto, north of Portugal. And after my previous post, which was all about the Serralves Gardens, here comes the post about the actual museum, which I had the opportunity to visit last December.

 photo IMG_1910_zpsmywkyts0.jpg  photo IMG_1926_zpsxeueufjj.jpg  photo IMG_1920_zpsvgsnxesv.jpg  photo IMG_1919_zpslisqvxzu.jpg

Monographic and thematic exhibitions of established and emerging artists and the Serralves Collection are featured as part of a changing programme in the Museum galleries.

 photo IMG_1921_zpscinayd2q.jpg  photo IMG_1922_zpswkk8yx6w.jpg  photo IMG_1924_zps4fhjrdi5.jpg  photo IMG_1952_zpswuhxsyu6.jpg  photo IMG_1950_zpscmory2ju.jpg  photo IMG_1949_zpskaiznt0s.jpg

A programme of cinema, contemporary dance, music and performance is presented in the Auditorium and other spaces of the Museum. The Auditorium and the Museum Library are also host to conversations, lectures, symposia in which the public can participate in discussions and debates on artistic and cultural issues of our time.

 photo IMG_1938_zpsg3t873lu.jpg  photo IMG_1948_zpsigtiljle.jpg  photo IMG_1946_zpsphruganb.jpg  photo IMG_1943_zpsefd7an1b.jpg  photo IMG_1941_zpsqgrmx16t.jpg   photo IMG_1940_zpsmstf2mvv.jpg

For more information take a look at their website.

 photo IMG_1934_zpsbgq7cdhf.jpg  photo IMG_1933_zpsceqwnnyd.jpg  photo IMG_1929_zpspbs4ogcf.jpg  photo IMG_1932_zpsrf0dkcda.jpg  photo IMG_1930_zpsnaddlvkw.jpg  photo IMG_1928_zpsvaukvaes.jpg


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