Champalimaud Foundation 

Before I start with my brand new UK posts, I want to share with you one of my last visits in Lisbon.

 photo IMG_0953_zpsnyakk6vq.jpg

 photo IMG_0966_zpsseexg76d.jpg

 photo IMG_0992_zpsdb4z3zbj.jpg

If you haven’t heard about the Champalimaud Foundation, it is a centre that develops programmes of advanced biomedical research and provides clinical care. It focuses on translating pioneering scientific discoveries into solutions to improve the quality of life of everyone.

 photo IMG_1028_zpscgcr9vdl.jpg

 photo IMG_1030_zpsjhrcdico.jpg

 photo IMG_1033_zpsftummwjv.jpg

But the reason why I visited this place is because of its beautiful views and architecture. For any Lisbon or photographer lover, this is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon photographing or just contemplating the views.

 photo IMG_1038_zps9o8kwxfv.jpg

 photo IMG_1040_zpsm7lhvig9.jpg

 photo IMG_1084_zpsmnhdyang.jpg

 photo IMG_1086_zpset7z5ii8.jpg

 photo IMG_1036_zps7focrlzc.jpg

Contact Details

Address: Avenida Brasília,1400-038 Lisbon, Portugal

Telephone: +351 210 480 200


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