Fiat 500 L

After this long summer break, I’m back to experiencing driving new cars and sharing it with you. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I wrote a review of the Fiat 500, you can read it here.

 photo IMG_0641_zpssi1ejjsv.jpg

 photo IMG_0666_zpsxtalj1kd.jpg

This time I tried the Fiat 500 L, a car that has nothing to do with the Cinqueciento. It’s much bigger which makes it harder to find a parking space and actually park. In other hand, it has a lot of visibility and since it’s bigger, the spaces, especially at the back are bigger too. You can actually fit in the back seats, no matter your size.

 photo IMG_0648_zps8mkhbe7q.jpg

 photo IMG_0636_zpszfslbokw.jpg

 photo IMG_0651_zps37yidu1q.jpg

 photo IMG_0662_zpsanz4b1ae.jpg

But when it comes to being comfortable, I’m sorry but that’s not the case, and you don’t need a very long ride to start feeling it. The engine also makes a lot of noise compared to all the cars I drove till now. And if you want to hide the noise with music, the sound system in this car also has a lot of failures.

 photo IMG_0639_zpsyuj6qa0i.jpg

 photo IMG_0644_zpshr1f0sby.jpg

 photo IMG_0660_zpsyx79l5uv.jpg

Although, if you want to try it yourself or search for more information, click here.

Next month I’ll bring you one of my favourites, so stay tuned.

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