Vogue Fashion Night Out Lisbon ’15

One more Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Lisbon where I didn’t spend any money because the sales were extremely insignificant! The thing is, we’re not there to shop anymore.

 photo IMG_3405_zpsehbpt50t.jpg

 photo IMG_3417_zpszjc4nhph.jpg

This year I was already prepared to walk a lot and in the middle of a sea of people, with my comfortable sneakers. You bring heels once and that’s a lesson for life! I also arrived much earlier than last year so my friends and I could enjoy more of the party and the free stuff, of course.

 photo IMG_3396_zpsbw9eqbxj.jpg

 photo IMG_3398_zpsxq6xfjye.jpg

We had our super fast dinner at Subway and right after we head to Chiado where at 8pm was already fully crowded. We decided to visit Benefit where free make up and pink gin was served. Oh and a few pink balloons! We also visited Rua Augusta, where we could finally breathe and collect a few discounts in shops and services. And made a stop at Starbucks Rossio for a warm chocolate (yes, nights in Lisbon are getting quite cold) and got a very stylish Starbucks hat as an offer. We ended up at Avenida da Liberdade where all the luxury stores are, but the discounts and offers aren’t.

 photo IMG_3404_zpshzkzffds.jpg

 photo IMG_3395_zpsnto6fjqf.jpg

 photo IMG_3448_zpsmm3ki6li.jpg

I can honestly say that this year I was able to enjoy it much more than last year, because I arrived early and was outfit prepared! Also because finding my friends during the night was much easier, maybe because of the pink balloon I carried around with me the whole night (Thanks Benefit), trust me, find someone at VFNO isn’t an easy job!

Take a look at my post from VFNO last year here.

VFNO, see you next year if no one offers me tickets to Fashion Week in NY!


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