Lisbon from Up there| Panorâmico de Monsanto

I bring you a restaurant, but this time, an abandoned one, with broken glass but still a building with a lot of charm and amazing views of Lisbon.

 photo IMG_0528_zpsnt6hiajc.jpg

 photo IMG_0532_zpsd8fwya34.jpg

 photo IMG_0526_zpsgivpwk2u.jpg

 photo IMG_0522_zpsxohwbrmd.jpg

Built in 1968 at Parque Florestal de Monsanto, Monsanto Panoramic Restaurant is a building ofseven thousand square meters, designed by the architect Costa Chaves.

 photo IMG_0514_zps2eug9unb.jpg

 photo IMG_0511_zpsuqpznfpk.jpg

It has several works of art, panels and reliefs of Querubim Lapa and tiled Manuela Madureira damaged by time andvandalism. Unfortunately, the former restaurant, which was once disco, bingo, office and warehouse building materials, has been closed for over 10 years and would need 7 million euros to be restored.

 photo IMG_0485_zps4f3f2auc.jpg

 photo IMG_0487_zpsvmatx4rz.jpg

 photo IMG_0491_zpsx2ozlxua.jpg

I leave you with photographs taken by myself and a few black and whites of how the restaurant looked like in 1968.

 photo IMG_0501_zpsjdrur1bt.jpg

 photo IMG_0488_zpsyzqo1b5t.jpg

 photo IMG_0492_zpsdh63ldqr.jpg

 photo Restaurante Monsanto.4_thumb1_zpshvqvh0gv.jpg

 photo mo3_zpsvu0u5ikc.jpg

 photo 1232386331I9wKC6bq8Lr29ZE7_zpscq0adhyx.jpg


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