Zomato 7th Birthday

There’s nothing better than celebrating something with food and this should be your mantra for anywhere you go!

 photo E07C17C6-CA2F-473A-A3AB-6E17F40756B7_zpse7p9giae.jpg  photo EA7B4C7A-5673-4DC8-9F80-81485F0DDAAD_zpsmq1vkl3v.jpg

Last week I went to Zomato’s birthday party and I’m here to share this experience with you!

Zomato is an online platform where you can search for restaurants and a social network for foodies, that promoted the largest gathering of foodie community of Lisbon.

 photo 055839E6-4666-4369-BF83-BBC406FD7136_zpsijz50ck9.jpg  photo FEAFB02A-6163-405F-800E-9A750413B829_zpsakolqn74.jpg

The event , which celebrated the 7th anniversary of zomato internationally, joined 150 platform users . It was held at Praça do Comércio, at Chefe Cordeiro ‘s restaurant, where foodies shared their experiences, while emerging into the Portuguese cuisine. Take it for me, it was deliciously amazing!

Since the launch of Zomato in Portugal, the company has promoted several meetings with platform users, who come together to share their passion for food. Maybe the one million monthly visits to the platform are the result of this high proximity to the users.

 photo 5402EC1C-425E-46A4-97D6-5D0E19765AE6_zpsofnwvtpr.jpg  photo 19B5C152-0077-438D-95A2-6EBF48D52926_zpszjb6knej.jpg  photo 682FE335-223A-4C75-8FDA-E4707DBD5A05_zpsqhymvrf4.jpg

So, if you want an app on your phone that provides reviews of restaurants, where you can take pictures and follow the gastronomic tour of other foodies, it’s time for you to download Zomato!

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