Blue paradise|Praia dos Coelhos

This is my first beach post and you will thank me for these suggestions during this summer. Now grab your beach towel, bikini, Go Pro, or whatever you take to the beach and indulge into these blue paradises.

My first suggestion is Praia dos Coelhos (Rabbit Beach like my friends like to call it), a beach located at Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal, in Portugal. The access isn’t easy and the beach isn’t guarded so if something happens, it’s your own responsability. But the mountain and sea views, transparency of the water and white sand makes it one of the best beaches I have ever been to.

 photo IMG_5779_zpsyduinyg6.jpg

 photo 11402496_10206868607414156_5181873640576408836_o_zps8jrxxt4n.jpg

 photo IMG_5770_zps2vke6vva.jpg

 photo IMG_5775_zpsgimswngn.jpg

 photo Praia_Coelhos_01_zpsurqkzbti.jpg

 photo 08e9049d-8a37-455a-99f5-284ed0a9ba1a_zpsrxtynpcs.jpg

 photo praia-dos-coelhos-afd_zpsh4bza73p.jpg


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