Summer Festival| NOS Alive

Welcome back! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote, and no, I wasn’t on holidays! The blog had a few issues, but we’re back to business and with plenty of new content! Let me start by telling you how amazing was NOS Alive Summer Festival!  photo 11698489_768793356553173_4960619423897309065_n_zps7gu3xtfe.jpg  photo 11665672_769402049825637_5961858635722113644_n_zpsgmr3rnex.jpg I had the chance to see Mumford and Sons and Kodaline, two of my favourite bands. Mumford and Sons were simply great. The crowd went crazy and there’s nothing like that feeling. If you never got to see them live, I feel sorry for you. But the incredible Mumford and Sons show wasn’t a big surprise for me, it was just something that I was already expecting. But Kodaline was something just special. There’s just no words in the English’ vocabulary capable of describing such experience and I really hope that I´ll be able to see them live again, over and over.  photo 11698709_769738769791965_6029622025391153081_n_zpsjmurt3uu.jpg  photo 11692608_769826713116504_8983698873311663604_n_zpsubsce8mg.jpg I strongly advise you to experience this festival next year, in terms of everything, music, ambiance, food, organization, location, it’s totally worth your time! Here’s the link if you want to know what was the lineup. I had «dinner» if you can call it like that, at Psicológico 1 and it came in a very practical box that I was able to take to Kodaline’s concert. So yes, I had my burger with fries while Steve was on stage and I’m not ashamed! Pleasures are to be taken.

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