Matateu Restaurant| Petiscos

If you’re in Lisbon searching for a place to have lunch or dinner, Matateu has to be amongst your choices.

 photo IMG_5560_zpsdfwkcory.jpg

Petiscos is what we eat in Portugal when we want to try small portions of a variety of food. Just like the spanish call it “tapas”. And Matateu is the right place to do it!

 photo IMG_5562_zpsqcauhwqj.jpg

 photo IMG_5561_zpsbdluteml.jpg

I tried Matateu with my best friend, an invite from Zomato and I can definitely say that it was a great experience.

 photo IMG_5572_zpsiqcj5jc6.jpg

 photo IMG_5559_zpsm2gezj0u.jpg

 photo IMG_5567_zpszt0qry75.jpg

Located inside a football stadium, this restaurant is quite cozy and the service very good. When it comes to food, I will let the photographs speak for itselves.

 photo IMG_5576_zpsxldhmw8i.jpg

 photo IMG_5574_zps0ustyycl.jpg

 photo IMG_5578_zpsfy8mwowe.jpg

I advise you to not take public transports to arrive to the restaurant. It’s a chaos! But it does have private parking so there’s your solution!

Matateu on Zomato.


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