Madrid| Chocolatería San Ginés

This will be the first post of many after my trip to Madrid, where I got to visit the most amazing places and try some local restaurants.

 photo IMG_9097_zpswyi9doag.jpg  photo IMG_9111_zpsw8w7gi2j.jpg

The Chocolatería San Ginés is very well-known for their – churros con chocolate, a delightful dessert of fried dough served with a large teacup of thick, melted chocolate for dipping.

 photo IMG_9119_zpsr1kg8duv.jpg

After a long day of walking, my friends and I decided to try it. Guess what! It’s open 24/24! Perfect for satisfying late-night food cravings.

 photo IMG_9107_zpsqpmega9l.jpg  photo IMG_9095_zpsfocr19gl.jpg

Tiled floors, bright lighting, bow-tied waiters, and collection of old photographs create an atmosphere where no one cares about calories!

 photo IMG_9105_zpsf2xrarw9.jpg  photo IMG_9101_zpsts7bsrva.jpg  photo IMG_9093_zpsv1vsyq4h.jpg

Although the waiter wasn’t very gentle (no tip for that one), the churros were great! I totally recommend you to visit it!

More info on Chocolatería San Ginés here.

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