Bookstore Ler Devagar| O bolo da Marta

Lisbon has several nice places to study. You can choose a spot with a view, a silent spot, a noisy spot, a hidden spot, and you can choose a delicious, cozy and original spot, the Livraria Ler Devagar, a bookstore in LX Factory is that kind of spot.

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With a floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books, thought-provoking art, entertainment and delicious ice cream cakes made this bookstore the perfect space to spend an afternoon.

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Ler Devagar means, literally, “read slowly” in Portuguese. You can find a large selection of books, even in foreign languages; concerts; plays; performance artists and art exhibitions.

 photo IMG_4607_zpsfek6dfqh.jpg  photo IMG_4601_zpsi3pzn5wu.jpg

On the first floor you can have the famous “bolo da Marta” with different ingredients such as, Nutella, fruit, cookies, condensed milk, etc.

 photo IMG_4639_zpsqtgw32ls.jpg  photo IMG_4637_zpstym0wvst.jpg  photo IMG_4610_zps61vw1j1w.jpg   photo IMG_4625_zpsnqtbthte.jpg

Every Sunday, Ler Devagar transforms into a market fair with kitsch antiques, comfort food, vintage clothing, urban crafts, plants, etc.

Contact Details

Address:  LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103,
Livraria Ler Devagar, Edifício G, Piso 0, Espaço 0.3,
Alcântara, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 918 929 654
O bolo da Marta on Zomato.

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