Zomato Foodie Meetup at Carnalentejana

The moment you receive a Zomato Foodie Meetup invitation, you know you have to start doing exercise every day and start eating very small amounts of food, in order to save space for the enormous meal that’s coming your way.

These foodie meetups are kind of a get-together of people who share the same love for food.

The chosen restaurant for this meetup (my first one) was Carnalentejana, which translates to “Alentejo’s Meat”. Alentejo being a region on the South of Portugal, very well-known for the quality of its food and wines.

 photo IMG_4684_zpsff0cgp6d.jpg  photo IMG_4697_zpsyf8xynwm.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zpsibixi5gn.jpg  photo IMG_4686_zpsivgrmq8m.jpg

After a brief explanation of how’s the concept of the restaurant all about, we got served small portions of a big variety of starters, so we could taste every single one of them. Amongst those starters we had croquettes, scrambled eggs with sausage, marinated oxtail, etc.

 photo IMG_4648_zpsi4iixsjq.jpg  photo IMG_4642_zpshuidmjvw.jpg  photo IMG_4643_zpsmmwspkhv.jpg   photo IMG_4646_zps9pe9tvc3.jpg  photo IMG_4639_zpsd5efkegr.jpg   photo IMG_4676_zpsktxi4ovg.jpg

For the main course, we also got to taste several dishes, but I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.

 photo IMG_4656_zps60tmc43g.jpg  photo IMG_4664_zpsphgdvkk8.jpg  photo IMG_4662_zpsc7bs2iyw.jpg  photo IMG_4657_zpsr3ej2pee.jpg  photo IMG_4665_zpswcjnnfl1.jpg  photo IMG_4667_zpsawwmnypt.jpg  photo IMG_4671_zpswrxckp3y.jpg  photo IMG_4679_zpsweqit9qm.jpg

And if you think that a meat restaurant doesn’t have delicious desserts, then you are so wrong.

 photo IMG_4690_zpsla06tfxe.jpg

I want to thank Zomato for this kind invitation and also a big thanks to the restaurant Carnalentejana for offering us such an unique experience of flavours.

 photo IMG_4699_zpsbwjhxzad.jpg  photo IMG_4678_zpsgawckx0h.jpg

Contact Details photo IMG_4693_zpsvikdjv9t.jpg

Address: Rua da Beneficência, 229 D,
Entrecampos, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 218 237 126/ +351 966 727 235
Carnalentejana on Zomato.

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