#Primelove| The power is in your images

Being a blogger, you always search for new ways of improving your relationship with your readers and brands. Recently, I came across this new interactive way of helping my readers buying the products I display on my blog. Here’s how it works! photo Blog_Post_imagem_capa_zpsipgdbef7.png

What is PrimeTag and why it is important for you?

PrimeTag is a specialized platform for products’ identification on images in order to check the value you deserve. Today, most of the brands apply their marketing investment in conventional advertising (Facebook and Google Ads, etc.) ignoring a better reality.

The value of influence and credibility that you transmit to your audience when promoting a product is tremendous. However, there is no easy way to satisfie your readers interest, because the question is always “ Where can I buy this?”.

Also, you don’t have a way of measuring your influence so certain brands can invest in yourself. With Primetag, brands will be able to know what kind of return will they have by investing in yourself.

What’s in it for me?

PrimeTag presents you various options to add interactive tags to your images that indicate where you can buy each product, so your readers can have easy access to the products in a free way.

You can use Primetag only for sponsored publications, you have a Prime way to increase their interaction and measure their impact. Or, you can use PrimeTag for not sponsored publications by accessing a repository of more than 20,000 brands in vertical fashion, beauty and decoration and more than 10,000,000 products with reward per click or sale.

How does it work?

First, you choose the type of interactive image having at your disposal five options of image templates (you can see the different possibilities in the image below). Then you click on “Pulse generator”, where you start by uploading the image and, soon after, a search and tag the products promoting it. Finalized the creation of the interactive image, you have access to links to share in your channels.

 photo Blog_Post_templates_zpsakisigwc.png

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