Brunch at Melt

Because we accept the brunch we think we deserve, and we deserve quite a lot after assignments, exams, work and bad weather days…

 photo IMG_5389_zpsvzifjl2b.jpg  photo IMG_5380_zpsanrur0h0.jpg

I met with the girls for a Brunch during the week at Melt, a new concept of a coffee-house and gourmet store.

 photo IMG_5375_zpsdkaezihe.jpg  photo IMG_5373_zpsd1cikwxq.jpg   photo IMG_5379_zpsgwekcxy8.jpg     photo IMG_5374_zpse1hnjs05.jpg

Between croissants, orange juices and delicious home-baked cakes, we got to do a gossip update while enjoying a sunny day at the terrace.

 photo IMG_5390_zpsp2sddqkl.jpg  photo IMG_5388_zpsi6y1x0i5.jpg  photo IMG_5387_zpsh72jlcty.jpg    photo IMG_5384_zpseco0o2od.jpg  photo IMG_5383_zps6vb7we4m.jpg    photo IMG_5357_zpsmzbrv3pj.jpg  photo IMG_5381_zpsjsiank9a.jpg   photo IMG_5370_zpscf7zgjji.jpg

This place is perfect if you want to bring your laptop, enjoy a good read or even meet your friends for a chilled afternoon. Although, you should keep in mind that you must have time to spare, because the service can be a bit slow.

 photo IMG_5372_zpskirmw1th.jpg  photo IMG_5378_zpsqmn5vdkl.jpg  photo IMG_5394_zpscupbzkxn.jpg   photo IMG_5398_zpskgfnmz2y.jpg


Contact Details photo 11051346_876724285720783_669952506_n_zpsopuoubwr.jpg

Address: Avenida Visconde de Valmor, 40A,
Campo Pequeno, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 217 960 050
Melt on Zomato.


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