My 24th Birthday

Celebrating your birthday can be one of the most stressing plans you’ll have to do during the year. Unless you’re a boring person and don’t celebrate it at all, then you should definitely go read another post.

 photo IMG_4480 copy_zpsad4troed.jpg

I’m the type of person that starts planning my birthday party the moment I finish my latest birthday party, if you know what I mean! And celebrate it the entire weekend. I started with a family dinner with a wonderful view of the “Tejo” river. The restaurant was called “Amarra Ò Tejo“.

 photo IMG_5442_zpsk507hbmc.jpg

This year I decided reunite my friends, the ones I haven’t had the opportunity to be with for photo IMG_7093_zpsrrjb8lbp.jpg 3 years. That was my first reason to make it big, the second one was, you only have 24 years old once in your life.

I spent the afternoon in Lisbon and I had the opportunity to  be one of the first clients of the hair salon Pirez De Campus since it opened last week. Catarina found a way to tame my wild hair in an elegant hairstyle that lasted all night and even the following day. Andreia was responsible for my make up and taught me some tips to make it last longer and what to do on a day to day basis. (Their details are at the bottom of the post).

 photo IMG_7089_zpsm7d5jlkl.jpg  photo IMG_7086_zpssf5qufjs.jpg  photo IMG_7084_zpshupmp6uh.jpg

I planned my birthday dinner at Portofino Restaurant in Sesimbra, near the sea. Although it’s winter in Portugal and the cold doesn’t feel like leaving us, I decided to wear a very summerish dress. The food was deliciously as usual and I want to thank the team for everything. Especially for letting me send a sky lantern and make a wish.

 photo IMG_4461_zpshgtwqa6m.jpg      photo IMG_ss4378_zpsh35q3qmu.jpg  photo IMG_4355_zpsvlpwwekg.jpg  photo IMG_4516_zpszhgdfsw8.jpg  photo IMG_4349_zpslpcgxgus.jpg    photo IMG_4525_zpssfumm5nd.jpg photo IMG_4404_zpsi2ehgw0t.jpg    photo IMG_4387_zpsibdmdh3h.jpg

 photo IMG_4348_zpsxmovs7ts.jpg

Contact Details photo 11025977_814123998642111_1743281211744621336_o_zpsaos22hbl.jpg

Dress from Cali Girl here.

Hairstyle by CutbyKate here.
Make up by AndreyaDeus here.
Portofino Restaurant here.
Cake by Nortejo here.


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