Alfa Romeo Giulietta

I got to drive the eye-catching Alfa Romeo Giulietta for the past week and nothing can replace my beloved Fiat 500, but I have to give other cars a chance. I decided to take the city car to the country side.

 photo IMG_4161_zps4i2cclsw.jpg

With a very stylish design and a host of different colour choices, yes, I still drove the white one, Giulietta is a very attractive and economical car. It has an average boot capacity, which would work perfectly for me.

 photo IMG_4182_zpszy3pnxia.jpg         photo IMG_4195_zpshvlaz23z.jpg  photo IMG_4156_zpsttngghnh.jpg       photo IMG_4175_zpsqayo2x24.jpg

The “Uconnect” multimedia system allows you to listen to the songs on your phone via bluetooth and also make and receive calls without having to take your eyes off the road.

 photo IMG_4149_zpsdft4ocpq.jpg      photo IMG_4178_zps8ollivda.jpg  photo IMG_4153_zpsxbzinpum.jpg    photo IMG_4143_zpssbgkrahh.jpg

Although, the driver’s seat space is a bit claustrophobic, even for me!

More information here.

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