Luzzo| Pizza with capital letter

Because food is the answer to everything and because it was almost 3pm and I still haven’t had anything to eat (journalist’s life), I felt like I deserved a pizza. Not any pizza, the closest to an italian pizza.

 photo IMG_4333_zpsk4aztdiq.jpg        photo IMG_4346_zpsbgfueyjx.jpg photo IMG_4332_zpsp2xppqob.jpg       photo IMG_4349_zps2jttcje8.jpg

So my journalist friends and I went to Luzzo pizzeria, after a tough morning of work. It was raining quite a lot and we got lost while searching for the restaurant. In my defense, it was Siri’s fault.

 photo IMG_4367_zpssui5vaf7.jpg  photo IMG_4369_zpslrfzynsl.jpg  photo IMG_4366 copy_zpsojpya20p.jpg  photo IMG_4358_zpsncyttanb.jpg

When we finally arrived to the pizzeria, it was completely full and we had to wait for a table. It’s time that I start getting blogger’s treatment, people! But anywho, at Luzzo, you should always book a table in advance!

 photo IMG_4370_zpsp0mpnz7o.jpg  photo IMG_4345_zps2ww2olio.jpg  photo IMG_4337_zpsnkbeznyz.jpg   photo IMG_4338_zps9heon9ep.jpg

The lady receiving us at the door wasn’t very nice, maybe because of all the stress, but visiting a restaurant when it’s completely full is the best way to see if there’s good service!

 photo IMG_4361_zpsyfutxcu5.jpg  photo IMG_4360_zpsgqslybzs.jpg  photo IMG_4371_zpswawpimur.jpg  photo IMG_4375_zpsrlp7hcqv.jpg

Even though, the food was totally worth the wait! We got to choose our pizzas on a tablet and the waiters were extremely nice. They even offered themselves to pose for a photograph!

  photo IMG_4355_zpskxq9idri.jpg   photo IMG_4372_zpsc2njq4yt.jpg  photo IMG_4389_zpsnf87jns8.jpg

Contact Details

Address: Rua de Santa Marta, 37-C
1150-293 Lisboa, Portugal
Telephone: +351 21 357 05 18
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