Oh! Lemon Pie| Illustrations

The artist behind Lemon Pie Illustrations is Laura, who recently made a lovely drawing of myself.

 photo 10945665_601523989981255_7267973361929834111_o_zpspiktj2cr.jpg

With 24 years old, Laura uses the art of illustration to relax, since it’s something she always loved to do. After winning several illustrations’ competitions when she was little, she thought of studying Fashion and Design, but ended up studying Architecture. A few years ago, Laura started her blog Lemon Pie Illustrations, where she shares her art with the world.

Here are a few examples of her drawings:

 photo 1911035_557074411092880_5708096639979531682_o_zpsfzvmr22y.jpg  photo 10869765_579144545552533_635903346108834141_o_zpsf9ywumkc.jpg  photo 10700128_554103694723285_4567856334211202725_o_zpsqxsf29k6.jpg  photo 1146783_572002419600079_9212205579460338418_o_zpsb3puimth.jpg

You can also find her work at Lemon Pie Illustrations Facebook Page here. There you’ll be able to see her illustrations after being digitalized and order your personalised ones.

Lemon Pie Illustrations Instagram: @lemonadeblog


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