Hippopotamus| for Grilled Meat Lovers

Hippopotamus was one of my favourite restaurants in France, I even got to spent a Christmas Eve dinner with my family at this restaurant. Of course, back then I was a kid and the fact that they offered balloons and surprises with the food was the perfect reason for me to love this place.

 photo IMG_9791_zpsqmwzrq2p.jpg   photo IMG_9798_zpso5ngskxc.jpg  photo IMG_9796_zpszuzmb8gr.jpg

Nowadays I visit the restaurant for the food, yes, the FOOD, especially now that they opened an Hippopotamus closer to me. The latest addition of the Tivoli Restaurant in Lisbon is the ultimate spot for grilled meat lovers.

 photo IMG_9814_zpswxalbka4.jpg  photo IMG_9808_zpsioe8odku.jpg  photo IMG_9806_zps7bqkdt3u.jpg  photo IMG_9804_zpsnhoihdjw.jpg

With a very relaxed decor and a friendly atmosphere, this restaurant has to be on your list next time you visit Lisbon. Ideal for lunches or casual dining with family or friends.

 photo IMG_9794_zpsvz9l6pci.jpg  photo IMG_9793_zpsil7dbdf4.jpg photo IMG_9792_zpsklcq69e2.jpg  photo IMG_9802_zpsnozo10ru.jpg

I would like to thank the waiter Rita for the lovely service on my last visit.

 photo IMG_9800_zpsnnxpgw3p.jpg

Contact Details

Address: Av. Dom João II, 27, 1990-083
Lisbon, Portugal
Email: hippo@tivolihotels.com
Telephone: +351 218 915 460
Hippopotamus on Facebook.


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