Illustrations| Raquel Sarabia

Her name is Abi, well, her real name is Raquel Sarabia. I met her in Seville, south of Spain, when I was having the “I want to be a fashion designer” phase in my life.

One of the most creative people I know, and also very skilled, Raquel completed her degree in Fine Arts and started dedicating herself to the art of illustration. Raquel was kind enough to draw this lovely tiger for the blog.

 photo tigre melissa_zps1xk4sjd8.jpg

She created a blog where she shares her work in process: sketch books, engravings and her own illustrations.

Raquel also does personalised illustrations in case you’re searching for a birthday gift for example.

Here are some examples of her work:

 photo lince_zps7lrusw2y.jpg  photo loba_zpslv6sufxg.jpg  photo sweater2_zpssjw9fosf.jpg  photo ipromise_zpspiccqrxg.jpg  photo fondomariposasnaranjas_zpscsqxgsjz.jpg  photo fondomariposasamarillas-copia2_zpsaru9elnj.jpg  photo boceto3_zpsd1tco60c.jpg  photo chihuahua1_zpsg1e8yshx.jpg


Contact Details

Raquel Sarabia Illustrations on Facebook.
Raquel Sarabia Illustrations on Twitter: @RaquelSarabia13


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Instagram: @melissadesousanunes

Twitter: @melisssadesousa

Facebook: Tiger On Gold Leash

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