KOKO|Sushi Restaurant

It was one of these days when you know you HAVE to have sushi. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, home, out in a restaurant… It doesn’t matter. I gotta have it.

 photo IMG_5085 copy_zpsvrjlcbce.jpg  photo IMG_5084 copy_zpsmvt1etiv.jpg  photo IMG_5082 copy_zpsehqsrrdm.jpg  photo IMG_5080_zps99mazwgk.jpg

I recently wrote a post about Sushic Fusion Food, one of my favourite Sushi restaurants. But I have to add a new one to the list! It’s called KOKO and you should try it the next time you visit Lisbon.

 photo IMG_5068_zps1lj7tvql.jpg  photo IMG_5052_zpsyt4zv64e.jpg  photo IMG_5054_zpstugsjkpr.jpg  photo IMG_5050_zpsyjx9dkbl.jpg  photo IMG_5048_zpsopjyfw9p.jpg  photo IMG_5046_zpsja1blmwc.jpg

The employees are Japanese, which is great because you know the food will be authentic, but it can also be difficult to make them understand what want to have, what you like and what you don’t appreciate that much.

 photo IMG_5078_zpsno6auqmy.jpg  photo IMG_5076_zps3hovuiza.jpg  photo IMG_5074_zpsmyr4vjug.jpg  photo IMG_5070_zpspc4gchbw.jpg

However, you will leave this place and feel like you just ate for a month! Since it’s close to the Oceanarium, I advise you to visit it while you lose a few kilos by walking around in there!

 photo IMG_5072_zpshgetxxq9.jpg

Contact Details

Address: Avenida Dom João II 1.13.02 -Parque das Nações,
Lisbon, Portugal
Email: info@kokorestaurant.pt
Telephone: +351 21 894 9149
KOKO on Facebook.


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