Fiat 500

The Cinquecento, like the italian like to call it, was the subject of my second car review.

 photo IMG_4275 copy_zpsdzvzagtt.jpg

After the struggles of finding a place to park the BMW (last review), this mini car fits pretty much anywhere. You know when you’re trying to find a place to park and out of a sudden you think you find a spot but… yikes! There’s a Smart parked there. Well the same happens with this Fiat, a very practical town car.

 photo IMG_4327_zpsliaxovgq.jpg  photo IMG_4326_zps0e2hqykj.jpg  photo IMG_4324_zpsbpu9f3wj.jpg  photo IMG_4323_zpsjjrccofi.jpg  photo IMG_4292_zpshopowxbv.jpg  photo IMG_4290_zpsletfylub.jpg

What isn’t that practical is having only three doors. Getting out of the car every time someone wants to come in or out of the back seats can be very annoying, especially if it’s raining. Also, the space at the back seats is a bit limited. If you’re tall, don’t even go in, it will be a challenge for you to get out.

 photo IMG_4239_zpsaf7zilrs.jpg  photo IMG_4232_zpsru2jxyo7.jpg photo IMG_4240_zpstxde9rjg.jpg

Most of the controls are very logical and you can hook up your phone to the Bluetooth system.

 photo IMG_4242_zpsudb6xopf.jpg

But since being tall isn’t one of my problems and it’s hard to deny the style of this car, I fell in love with the Cinquecento.


Fiat 500 Review from Melissa De Sousa Nunes on Vimeo.

More information here. photo IMG_4237_zpsqjeugoog.jpgUntitlgkjed-1

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