La Crêperie da Ribeira

It’s been freezing in Portugal without any exaggeration and, when this happens, people have to find ways to warm up. Some just don’t leave the house until the temperature is above their age, others keep going out and go to some very cozy places to eat, of course.

 photo IMG_8748_zpsa4209e4c.jpg  photo IMG_8756_zpsc8b573de.jpg  photo IMG_8747_zpscfe3b389.jpg  photo IMG_8759_zpsa1c9c624.jpg

My suggestion today is for you to try the Nutella crepes at La Crêperie da Ribeira, Needless to say that anything that goes in those crepes is absolutely delicious, but we all know Nutella will always be Nutella no matter what.

 photo IMG_8766_zpsad17cb18.jpg  photo IMG_8753_zps77c4a5ef.jpg  photo IMG_8757_zpsbc4948f3.jpg  photo IMG_8764_zps98e68e9e.jpg

I tried this crêperie for the first time with my journalism colleagues, after an entire day of classes. The atmosphere is sociable and friendly with wood tables, big windows with a view over the park outside and french music playing on the background.

 photo IMG_8750_zps260af6f3.jpg  photo IMG_8749_zpsa6f7749f.jpg  photo IMG_8767_zpsd64ff7d1.jpg

The menu is extensive so I advise you to visit this place more than once.

Contact Details

Address: Rua da moeda, n1, A, 1
200-275 Lisboa, Portugal
Telephone: +351 212 431 565
La Crêperie da Ribeira on Facebook.


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