Sugar Stylist| Filipe Blanquet

If sugar isn’t yet considered a sin, it will be after the world finds out about these flavourish clothes.

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The sweety smell spreads all over this cozy space. A mix of a pastry shop and a fashion atelier. Here comes the sylist rushing to shake the flour on his hands and  welcoming guests with open arms and a smile. Filipe Blanquet, sweetenning fashion since 2010 …

The first sugar stylist in Portugal, says that his career in pastry wasn’t planned at all! With a degree in architecture and after working as a designer for two years, Filipe realized that it wasn’t exactly what he always dreamed of, there was something missing.

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He then decided to take an advanced kitchen course. It was after the discipline of pastry that Philip began to apply some basics that had learned in his design courses.

A new concept was born when Filipe worked at Tróia Design Hotel as a confectioner. On 2010 to 2011 New Year’s Eve, in the Tróia casino throwed a big party and the stylist wanted to give his contribution to the event with a moving sugar sculpture.

I asked the director if she could hire a model to wear a sugar dress. At the beginning, she didn’t believe that much in this idea, but the model wore the dress and I was asked for more of those, that’s how I made my first collection.

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Sweet Dresses

People think this is a crazy idea and can’t believe it’s sugar.

Up to today, the stylist has three ephemeral collections because the dresses don’t last too long. A sugar dress can last up to a year and the pieces can be eaten up to 6 months.

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The first collection was called “Sweet Fairytale” with very fancy and very different ways, taking us to the world of dreams and fairy tales. The second collection was the “Bordado em ponto de rebuçado,” Filipe was inspired by the Portuguese embroidery. “La Dolce Vita” was the third collection, inspired by the Pin-ups and the housewives’ of the 50s, the universe of Hollywood.

A wedding dress with sugar applications can go from 700 euros and 1,500 euros, depending on the complexity of the dress. Never reaches the 2,000 euros, which is the standard price of normal wedding dresses.

 photo IMG_2952_zps197d4294.jpg  photo IMG_2936copy_zps2454d263.jpg  photo IMG_2946_zpsf91fe6bf.jpg  photo IMG_2938_zpsf436ad04.jpg  photo IMG_2930_zpsd5046117.jpg  photo IMG_2962_zps5f748e44.jpg

The sugar can also be flavored, for example, with drops of vanilla extract or orange blossom’s essence, and can even have colour by using food colouring.

Behind the Scenes – Sugar Coated Embroidery from David Reisinho on Vimeo.


The presenter and tarot reader, Maya was one of the first people to present the innovative concept of Filipe to Portugal,  by wearing one his dresses at a Gala on TV.

I asked Filipe to lend me one of his dresses to present the gala. I admire his creative and different work.

Filipe’s clients are people who want to be different or want to surprise their boyfriends with a different lingerie. These are people who look up for creativity and innovation. Some extravagant people and others who like to spice things up.

It has nothing to do with age. The last wedding dress I made was for a lady who was on her 60s. It was the first time she was getting married and she wanted to wear a very different dress, so she asked me for a sugar dress.

 photo IMG_2931_zps32b8411e.jpg  photo IMG_2927_zpsc190cbd2.jpg photo IMG_3008_zpsa921ceb8.jpg  photo IMG_2935_zps68f11c56.jpg  photo IMG_2932_zpsd442c495.jpg  photo IMG_2931_zps32b8411e.jpg  photo IMG_2929copy_zpsf5417f65.jpg   photo IMG_2925_zpsf8cff79c.jpg

Filipe’s first client was his biggest challenge. A bride who wanted to marry wearing a normal wedding dress and at the end, she wanted to dance with the groom, with a sugar dress. She didn’t have any souvenirs to offer the guests, instead each guest would get one of the sugary applications of the dress. So the stylist created a dress covered in sugar petals.

She danced and at the end, the dress was in need of maintenance.

We must always keep in mind that these dresses are ephemeral, they only serve to fulfill its purpose.

Filipe and pastry

The pastry Ritália & Bocage, opened two years ago.

I wanted to open a pastry shop in Setúbal, accessible to the public, but different from the usual pastries.

The space was considered one of the best restaurants in Setúbal. It opened in 1907, now with over a century, the restaurant Bocage led to the pastry Ritália & Bocage.

 photo IMG_2968_zpsd61493d9.jpg  photo IMG_2965_zpscd087076.jpg  photo IMG_2943_zps7e5b6ef1.jpg  photo IMG_2933_zps6ab9a966.jpg  photo IMG_2945_zps2380f3fb.jpg  photo IMG_0809_zpsc55d93c1.jpg photo IMG_0816_zps903d2879.jpg   photo IMG_0814_zps6a9558bf.jpg

This space also gives rise to new bands or musicians who want to promote their job. From month to month, and sometimes every two weeks, the pastry has entertainment.

Sometimes we have jazz bands, actors playing interpreting people like Fernando Pessoa, Bocage, etc (Portuguese writers and poets).

To invest in difference

Filipe encourages all the young people with innovative ideas to believe in their projects and to never be discouraged by an outside opinion.

I didn’t tell anyone I was going to make sugar dresses. I didn’t want to be influenced by some less positive opinion.

Challenges, I accept them all!

Speaking of future projects, the stylist’s eyes light up.

Life has brought me many things in a very natural way. But I wish my pieces were known internationally. Challenges, I accept them!

For now there isn’t a new collection, however Filipe continues to accept orders and is already working on a collection for the future, always with different materials.

It’s now ten pm and the Jazz fans started to arrive. The band starts playing and between the sounds of guitar, coffee orders and handmade cakes, Filipe finds creativity to sweeten up someone else’s  wardrobe.


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