BMW Series 1

With this new year comes a new project I decided to jump in! A new section on the blog is born and it’s named “Cars”.

This past summer I went crazy searching for the perfect car for me and I realised that finding pratical and straight-forward information in magazines, stores or even on the internet is a challenge! I don’t care about engine sizes, horsepower or curb weights!

I care about being able to listen to good music on my way to college. I care about the space for my shopping bags or my gym bag. I want to be able to fit enough friends in my car so our road trips become cheaper. And yes, I also want to know if my car colour will be matching my outfits. So what?


Not all drivers are car experts and if you agree, my new section of car reviews is perfect for you.

I decided to start with the BMW Series 1. A white one if you’re wondering…Diesel.

This BMW seats up to 5 people, 4 people for long drives, because the middle seat is sort of small. A comfortable car and firm handling at high speeds. The interior  is quite classy and packed with equipment and accessories that you can choose, for example Bluetooth to connect your phone and either receive calls or play music.

There’s not a lot of space in the driver’s seat, which becomes a struggle in winter with all the jackets we wear. On the other hand, the tailgate is big enough to fit a person or two. Which is totally illegal and we would never do something like that.

The exterior design is simple but classy.

This car is great for long drives and city drives. Unless you live in Lisbon, then parking can be a mission but that’s not the car’s fault, shame.

BMW Series 1 from Melissa De Sousa Nunes on Vimeo.

More information here.Untitlgkjed-1

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