Stracta| Eat Italian in Portugal

This is going to be my last post of 2014 and I’m truly sorry, but I won’t be making it all about resolutions and all those blah blah blahs. This post is about food! Because food it’s what really matters!

The first time I visited Stracta, an italian restaurant in the south of Portugal, I had just arrived from Italy. So my memory was quite fresh when it comes to italian flavours and I can guarantee you that I wasn’t disappointed after having lunch here.

Vilamoura is one of my favourite places in Portugal. It’s perfect to go on holidays with a group of friends. But when it comes to restaurants, I can’t say I have a big list of good ones that I can recommend. Actually there is only Stracta and Pizza Hut on my list.

And my argument won’t be the fact that famous people frequent this restaurant quite a lot (last seen: Louis from 1D), but there’s nothing better than ending a day at the beach with a delicious Italian meal.  So I leave you with this tasty suggestion.

Have a wonderful new year’s eve and we’ll be back together in 2015 with a surprise on the blog!

Contact Details

Address: Edificio Marina Luxor, 23,
Vilamoura, 8125  Portugal
Phone: +351 289 043 500 / +351 967 966 481
Stracta on Facebook.


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