Landeau| For choco lovers

Once again I was back to LX Factory where I did my recent photoshoots and indulged in some delicious chocolate cake.

LX Factory is one of the trendiest and most original areas of Lisbon. It used to be an industrial area with a huge textile and printing zone. Today you can find shops, restaurants, hairdressers, an amazing bookstore, and Landeau Chocolate there!

A lot of people have been asking me how to get there, so here it goes.You can get to LX Factory from downtown Lisbon by taking the 738 or 720 bus from Marquês de Pombal and stopping at the Calvario stop. From there you can just ask any local where LX Factory is and they should be able to point the way.

Landeau Chocolate is without any doubt my favorite place at the moment to get dessert in Lisbon.

This store serves slices of “devilishly good” (according to the New York Times) and “insanely-OMG” (according to me!)  chocolate cake.

This cake is very soft and fluffy, with a bit of bittersweet chocolate. Of course the recipe is top secret and I would definitely find it (because I’m a journalist), but I wouldn’t share it with you. I’m sorry, you’ll just have to deal with my selfishness.

Contact DetailsUntitled

Address:  Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103
1300-501 Lisbon, Portugal (LX FACTORY)
Tel.: + 351 917278939
Landeau website.
Landeau on Facebook.


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