Munchie| Burger Restaurant

Journalists work 24 hours a day, always searching for what is “new”. So when they give us the afternoon off, trust me, we take advantage of it!

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At lunch, the girls and I decided to try the burger restaurant Munchie, last friday in Lisbon.

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It was very cold to stay in the terrace, even if autumn leaves would be perfect for my photographs. I will dedicate a post in a near future just for those leaves that cover Lisbon during this time of the year.

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So we decided to sit inside and the staff welcomed us with a smile.

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The place is very cozy and well decorated, the white and green colours give a fresh vibe to it.

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 photo img_8430_zpsayen8mot.jpg

On the menu, you can find a large variety of dishes named after the seven deadly sins, but we all went for the menu of the day, which includes a burger (with lettuce, tomato, Cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and beef) with home-made chips, a drink and coffee.

 photo img_8438_zpsnjlzlxqr.jpg

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 photo img_8431_zps5ccj70ys.jpg

Everything was delicious and after lunch, we replaced the subway for a walk around Lisbon since we needed to burn those calories!

 photo img_8395_zps4gogxydn.jpg

Oh! And there’s free Wi-Fi, so yes, you can update your Instagram!

Contact Details

Address: Praça das Flores, 40 Lisbon, Portugal
Tel.: + 351 21 594 1802
Munchie on Facebook.


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