Swing| Book Release

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be at “Swing: Eu, tu…eles” book release, (Translation “Swing: Me, you…them”), in Lisbon, at the library “Desassossego”.

Maria Silvério, a brazilian journalist and anthropologist, published a book based on her college dissertation.

“Swing: Eu, tu…eles” published by Chiado Editora, addresses the swinging (partner swapping) as the starting point for reflections on values​​, behaviors and marital, sexual and gender models. It has 284 pages that are the result of two and a half years of research, fieldwork carried out in Swing clubs in Portugal and interviews.

“In college we do a lot of interesting researches of the public interest, but they often end up being accessible to a very small group of researchers and scientists, and never goes beyond that” says Maria.

The book has four chapters, the first tell us how was the entrance of the author in the Swinging  universe.

“I never did swinging. As a researcher, particularly in anthropology, I did fieldwork, I attended a swing club here in Lisbon, I talked informally with couples, but also recorded interviews”

In chapter number two, the author explains what are the main rules of Swing practice, the costs and how the entrance at clubs of different countries works.

“Honestly, as a woman I feel more respected and have a more restful night in a swing club than a nightclub. Because the swing has its rules of approaching.”

The third chapter consists of a sociological and anthropological reflection that helps the reader understand this lifestyle.

In the fourth and final chapter consists of the author’s interpretation of the swinging universe, an analysis on how to deal with jealousy in this universe, the question of monogamy is developed, how to deal with the breakdown of values​​, etc.

Maria Silvério now defines the swinging practice as stable heterosexual couples who have sex with other couples or single people. But recognizes that the universe is very discriminated because it goes against what society has set as “correct” in sexual and marital terms.


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