Dolphin Watching: Vertigem Azul

No, I did not get to swim with dolphins. That is still on my bucket list! But I finally got to see them in their natural habitat, and by that I mean, not in a Zoo!

Vertigem Azul organises amongst other things, a guided boat tour to visit and get to know the resident community of dolphins in the Sado Estuary and the Arrábida Coast (Portugal).

I was invited by my friends to experience this opportunity and who can say no to dolphins, the sea and the amazing views of the Sado!

The tour takes approximately 3 hours where the life of the dolphins community is explained to you while you watch them swimming really closed to the catamaran “Esperança”. (It means “Hope” in Portuguese in case you’re wondering).

It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to come back, especially now that I found out that Vertigem Azul has wine tasting sessions during sunsets.

 The photographs above are credited to Artur Costa.

Contact Details

Phone: +351 265238000 / +351 916 982 907
Address:  Rua Praia da Saude 11 D 
2900-572 Setúbal, Portugal
Vertigem Azul website.
Vertigem Azul on Facebook.


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