L’and Vineyard Resort

After discovering the culture of having lunch/dinner or even brunch in a vineyard in South Africa, I started searching for the same concept in other countries. And that’s when I found the L’And Vineyard Resort, in Portugal!

Located in a natural landscape with the special beauty of Alentejo, a contemporary architecture combining luxury, simplicity and tranquility.

A few years ago, during my holidays in Portugal, I had the opportunity to spend some Family holidays at their resort in a”Sky Suite”, which consists in a room with a window roof where you can see the stars once it’s all dark outside. I enjoyed my days at the infinite pool and the inviting spa.

But this year I visit this place only to have lunch at their restaurant and experience the art of wine-making. Take a look at the delicious meal I had:

Roasted pork tenderloin with cauliflower gratin, asparagus and peas as a main course. For dessert different textures of chocolate and a few sweets to go with the coffee. When it comes to wine, the L’And Vineyard red wine from 2010.

I strongly advise you to visit this place and spend a few days at their Sky suites.It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. The views are always lovely and you won’t regret it.

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 Contact Details

Phone: +351 213304542; +351 266 242 400
Address: Herdade das Valadas / Estrada Nacional 4
7050 Montemor-o-novoPortugal
E-mail: info@l-and.com; reservas@l-and.com
L’And Resorts’ website.
L’And Resorts on Facebook.


|Melissa De Sousa Nunes|

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