Mouth watering: Casa Mateus Restaurant

And because it’s summer in Portugal (if it’s not in your country then be jealous!) and going to the beach became a routine, I found the perfect place to have a quick, delicious and affordable meal.

Casa Mateus is a very small restaurant situated in Sesimbra, Portugal, near the sea. The owner, Mateus will receive you at the door and suggest what you should have according to what season we are on and based on traditional Portuguese dishes. These meals are made by Dona Cristina, Mateus’ wife. (Just so you know who to thank at the end of your meal).

The portions are small which allows you to taste different dishes and still go for a swim at the beach after.

As a starter I recommend the Clams, olive oil, lemon and coriander; and the Mussels Marinade.

As a main course you should try the Massada, mint and lemon; and ask for the fish of the day. Mateus will suggest you a nice selection of flavours. Something that goes well with any dish, especially in Summer is the Cucumber Sangria because it’s very fresh!

Now comes the best part! If you predict that you won’t have enough space for dessert then just eat it first because that’s something you can’t miss!

The photos below are my two favourite desserts at Casa Mateus, they’re not on the menu so be smart and save these images to show them to Mateus. I won’t even tell you what it is, just enjoy the flavour and thank me later!

Reservation is recommended, not only because the restaurant is small but also because it’s becoming very famous! Especially now that I’m blogging about it.

Contact Details

Mobile Phones: +351 963 650 939/ +351 918 790 697
 Address: Largo Anselmo Braamcamp nº4, Sesimbra, Portugal
Casa Mateus website.
Casa Mateus on Facebook.


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