Sofitel Dubai Downtown

After flying with starry skies while watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Emirates Airlines treat, I landed in Dubai at 2am with 40 degrees. Hottest country I’ve been too, literally!
Sofitel’s Chauffeur was waiting for us at the airport and drove us right to the hotel after passing by enormous skyscrapers.
You know a country is developed when as soon as you enter the lobby, your phone starts receiving notifications. Free, unlocked Wi-fi everywhere! Any blogger’s paradise!
The hotel staff was very nice and efficient but with such warm temperatures I have to say that I missed that welcome drink I always get when arriving to hotels in South Africa.
The hotel room had a stunning view of Burj Khalifa and the coastline. A very modern decoration based on geometric designs with bold colours.
After sleeping just enough to have energy for the long day ahead, I went for breakfast and what a breakfast! It was held at the “Les Cuisines” Restaurant where they say it’s “a Patisserie that will take right back to Paris”. Let’s not go so far! The waiters did speak French but there was nothing Frenchy about the place, it was quite international I must say!
After breakfast and with 40 degrees outdoors it’s more than evident that my next appointment was at the terrace pool!
From the pool you have a panoramic view of Dubai where you can enjoy the spectacular dancing fountains by Dubai Mall.

Travel Journal Dubai coming soon…

Contact Details

Mobile phone: +971 4 503 6666
 Address: Sheihk Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai 
00000 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sofitel Dubai Downtown website.
Sofitel Dubai Downtown on Facebook.


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